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FOSPIA/EFiRON® is the patented manufacturer for Low Reflective Index UV Curable Resin, Primary & Secondary Coating Resin, UV Curable Ink, Ribbon Matrix Resin, 3D printing Resin, Display Resin in Korea.

FOSPIA/EFiRON® stands at the exciting forefront of developing next generation materials in optics and photonics as well as in optical solutions that support display and 3D printing, medical, sensing, laser strikes and missile defense. We aim to build a brighter future through better optical solutions.


FOSPIA/EFiRON® takes pride in developing some of the world’s highest performing UV coating materials at manufacturing scale. Approved by the Korean government, Fospia’s R&D center is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities that include the full line of measurement and characterization tools and production facility. This includes a cleanroom that is maintained at 1,000pcs.

Our highly motivated and skilled labor force with decades of experience guarantee customers's satisfaction along with the most effective and efficient management.

In meeting industrial development and production demands, we work closely with our customers to embody their experiences and challenges, to accommodate their specific requirements. Our dedication to excellence brings the world's finest portfolio of standard and customized optical materials.

Your trust will undoubtedly motivate FOSPIA/EFiRON® to endeavor to develop the world's most reliable products with the highest quality.

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