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Low Refractive Index Resin

EFiRON®, PC-Series

World’s first commercialized Fluorinated acrylate PC

Patented Flourine Polymer Technology

EFiRON® PC is the first comercialized UV-curable Fluorine doped acrylate polymers in the world, providing customers with a wide range of low refractive Index. 
EFiRON® PC can serve as a cladding for silica optical fibers, and optical waveguides.

EFiRON® PC has a very wide refractive index range covering from 1.363 to 1.452, providing a high numerical aperture in optical applications.

EFiRON® PC provides a very low loss from UV, visible, to near IR. Index, providing excellent optical guidance from 350nm to 2,000nm, covering applications in telecommunication, imaging, and optical sensing.

PC series03.jpg

Minimum UV dose for complete cure is 1000 mJ/cm2 under the nitrogen environment.
UV dosage is heavily dependent on the thickness of the polymer layer and the drawing speed. 

Fospia can work with customers to optimize the curing process.


Fospia has its own patents on Fluorine polymer technology to flexibly control not only the refractive index but also mechanical properties, and thermal properties.


We can further customize the optical, mechanical, and thermal properties of EFiRON® PC

PC-related Patents

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