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Low Refractive Index Resin

EFiRON®, PC LD-Series

UV LED Curable Product

Fospia’s PC LD series are designed for UV LED curable devices which cure Polymer Cladding resin at the wavelength of 365nm and 395nm.

Our PC LD series enhanced Tact-time, Transmittance and Adhesion, and do not have problems such as Heat deformation, lack of UV dosage, Yellow color Phenomenon occurring in conventional UV lamp and UV LED curable device.




EFiRON® PC LD series wavelength can be designed to meet customers’ requirement for wavelength of the laser diode.


EFiRON® PC LD series can be cured in UV LED light source as well as conventional UV lamp.


EFiRON® PC LD has Non-sticky surfaces even with a low power UV LED light source.


EFiRON® PC LD series is designed to minimize shrinkage at the ultra-high-strength of more than 1000mW / ㎠ from the UV LED curable devices.

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