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Low Refractive Index Resin

EFiRON®, HDC-Series

High adhesion.

High thermal, boiling water resistance applications. 

EFiRON® HDC Series is specially designed for high glass adhesion 
EFiRON® HDC Series  can be applied for high thermal / boiling water environment.
EFiRON® HDC satisfy rigorous European and USA environmental regulations. (ROHS compliance & USP Class 6 certification issued by NAMSA)

  • Low refractive index  from 1.363 to 1.382

  • Formulated with newly developed silane technology

  • Super High adhesion (<3.0 N/25mm)

  • Application: Special Optical Fiber, High Power Fiber Laser Beam passive part, Fiber Recoating, PCF, POF, PMMA, Large Core Fiber and etc

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